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When you invest in your employees' health, you are investing in your company's wealth!

Anatomy Nerd


We offer Corporate companies an effective way to create habit change in the workplace with our On-demand Wellness classes: Yoga, Foam Rolling, Breathing Sequences, Meditation, Desk Stretches, Full-Body stretching, and more to maintain their health and wellness! 

This app platform allows me to offer Corporate clients their very own virtual classroom with exclusive class times, events, and topics that are customized for their company. This is especially useful if there are multiple company locations around the country or even around the world!


My quest to offer classes to Corporate companies has been very challenging. The challenges I kept running into were TIME, SPACE, and ACCOUNTABILITY. I like challenges because they force you to dig into my creativity and bring that creation to life. Let's explore these challenges in more detail.


Q & A's 

Q: How do I create my account for Anatomy Nerd?

A: Please set up your account on your computer. THEN you can download and log in to the Mighty Networks app where you will be prompted to find our community: Anatomy Nerd. You will set up your account and profile once you find our community. 

Q: What app do I download to access Anatomy Nerd?

A: Go to your app store on your mobile device and download Mighty Networks. You will be prompted to Find A Network where you will enter Anatomy Nerd. Select our community and you will use a generated password to complete your account. If you have any issues, please contact our support team via email:

Q: Is this a contract? 

A: Anatomy Nerd is a subscription plan of $14.99/month OR you can pay $99.99/year to have access to the community so you can begin creating healthy habits to improve your productivity in the workplace! You can cancel anytime

There is a FREE 14-Day trial so you can see check out all the benefits!

Q: Why do I have to download Mighty Networks to access Anatomy Nerd?

A: We have purchased the incredible app platform that Mighty Networks has created. In the future, we hope to upgrade to have an official Anatomy Nerd app. For now, we will stick with our current plan. You need the Mighty Networks app so that you will not miss any of the daily reminders to take breaks, scheduled LIVE classes on our exclusive Facebook Group, or any updates from Anatomy Nerd. 

Q: Who is Anatomy Nerd For?

A: We originally created Anatomy Nerd for Corporate employees to assist in maintaining balance in the workplace. THEN we realized that any individual, young athletes, and really anyone who needs support in maintaining proper balance in their bodies. 


 I believe we are responsible to maintain mobility in our bodies. That is why Anatomy Nerd was created. Now, you have all of the tools you will need in order to navigate through the imbalances in your body. New content is added weekly!

Your membership to Anatomy Nerd includes daily reminders to take breaks, LIVE classes and access to courses that you can begin at your leisure. Plus, you can message Anatomy Nerd anytime if you have a specific question! 

My goal is to guide each member on their journey as they implement the habits that will support productivity and clarity in the workplace. Truly offering total body wellness in your pocket! 

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